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 [Scoffs.]  Only a “fair share”?  I kill angels for a living, love, and am starting to get rusty from the lack of challenge those bird brains try to provide; any particular reason you ask?

"Kill… angels for a living? Do such things even exit…?"

Lili had once again encountered someone who spoke of the supernatural. This wasn’t helping weaken her theory of everybody plotting against her to ‘weird her out.’ If this was some sort of wide-spread prank planned by Asuka Kazama, Lili would not be happy.

If these supernatural beings were all real however, then Lili would start to feel a little left out…

"A-Ah yes, excuse me, I asked simply because I enjoy a good fight myself. I suppose you could say it is what I do for a living, though it’s hardly an official profession."

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 Yes, you do have a point. [Blinks and tilts her head.]  I suppose I just like to voice my judgments.  As for my clothing~perhaps it is not casual by your standards, but it certainly is stylish by all standards.

"Well that I can’t argue with. It certainly is eye-catching… And, for one such as myself, I cannot help but ask but…"

"Have you, perchance, done a fair share of fighting in your time? You outfit seems like it would be ideal for optimum movement."

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Bayonetta, darling. [Grins.]  And you look a little unsure about something~Surely, you’re not silently judging me!

"Everybody judges a person to some some extent, some more, some less than others."

"I just found that you were quite curious. You aren’t exactly dressed in casual clothing after all~ Not by my standards anyhow. It’s a pleasure to meet you Bayonetta."

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And another one!  My, I’m like a fucking celebrity here.

This woman spoke with a touch of class, but at the same time she seemed to swear like it was nothing. That wasn’t the only thing that Lili noticed however, many things about this woman were questionable.

"Hmm? Apologies, I may have approached you, but I can’t say I know who you are. My name is Émilie Rochefort, but do call me Lili. How about yourself madam?"

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“Extremely likable! Mary’s really one of the best people I know! I bet ya do meet some pretty bad sleazeballs in them tournaments. But that means that you’re not like em!”

"I think the aggressive types get even more angry when a beautiful young lady such as myself leaves them writhing on the ground.”

"They seem to feel ever so degraded. Perhaps they wouldn’t feel as such if they hadn’t judged me from point one~ Still, if my appearance deceives them into a false sense of security, then it’s an easier win for me, and a worse experience for them.

"I wonder if fighting my friends is truly a good idea? I suppose others don’t enjoy it as much as I do, I thought it might be a nice way to socialise~"


‘Rugged’, ‘beaten up’ - C.C. suppressed a smirk at this. A certain loud-mouthed idiot prone to drunkenness could learn from this girl. See? It was all about class and strategy.

“Of course, of course,” C.C. nodded. “Fighting is all about deception, after all.”

"Deception plays a brilliant part, yes. That would be why those who know you are more difficult to fight… They know the way you think, which is exactly why re-occuring pests can be such… well, pests.

"But, it’s the same thing for me, if I know my opponent, they cannot deceive me, so things end up fairly balanced unless one person drastically changes their approach…"